R&D Center

We will continue to grow as a global leader that leads the development of the company and the change of the new future.

Introduction of R&D Center

WOORI Industrial Systems Affiliated R&D Center is developing future growth engine technologies through securing original technologies and R&D.
We value human resources and technology, and research and develop the best technology to provide comfort to the daily life of the customer.

R&D Introduction

Smart Switchboard

We are researching and developing smart switchboards that monitor the situation of the switchboard according to the development of 5G wireless communication and technological changes, and can respond effectively through remote control when an abnormal situation occurs.

Solar Power Converter

We are researching and developing a power conversion device suitable for distribution that can control the flow of power and improve the efficiency of the system in line with the expansion and change of the market of renewable energy generation system.

Heat Dissipation Parts

We are researching and developing high-performance heat dissipation parts that can solve heat generation problems due to high power and high integration of semiconductor devices used in 5G and electric vehicles.

Organization Chart of R&D Center


The WOORI Industrial Systems affiliated R&D Center will lead the market with innovative research and differentiated technology, and will grow into a global leader in leading the development of companies and new future changes based on trust in products.